Mastering the Art of Brainstorming

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The art of brainstorming is something that everyone needs to learn and master to be able to come up with good ideas quickly. Therefore, it is essential to keep a few secrets for brainstorming sessions in mind if you want to get your work done faster and better. Below are the top secrets for brainstorming:

It is important to know how others are approaching a problem or idea. The first secret here is knowing what not to do during brainstorming sessions. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are engaged in a session is being too detailed about their ideas. In other words, people oftentimes ask questions like “What could we add or change to make this idea better?” instead of asking for suggestions or possible solutions.

The second secret here is to focus on your connections to the other ideas that came out of your brainstorming session. For example, if you found out that the client is having a hard time finding a certain type of solution, then instead of going into details about the idea, you can ask the client about their existing issues and how they came up with that idea. By doing so, you will be able to share the solution to that issue and help other clients solve similar issues in the future.

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