How to Make Classic Chicken Marsala


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Classic Chicken Marsala is a quick and easy way to make a delicious chicken dish. It’s a very simple dish, which you can make without much hassle or long cooking time. It’s a great way to use up those old roast potatoes you’ve been meaning to get rid of, or to jazz up a bowl of soup.

First, you’ll need chicken pieces, preferably boneless and skinless, which can be found in your supermarket. Thaw them a bit to make sure they are totally done, then add salt to about half of them and let them rest for about five minutes. Rinse them well and then slice them crosswise into thin slices. You may need to experiment with various thicknesses to make sure you get them right. Then, just add herbs and spices and mix to combine.

Now it’s time to cook your chicken. Bring your pot of chicken to a boil and then add dry herbs and spices. Add cooked meat to your pot and simmer for about five minutes, checking on it periodically so that it doesn’t scorch or boil over. Check the bottom of your pot to ensure there is no liquid. If there is none, add a little water to cover the meat until it cooks thoroughly for about two minutes.

Let your chicken simmer until it reduces. Check again to make sure there is no chicken fat built up. If there is, simply add a little more cream sauce or milk to dilute it. Remove your chicken from the pot and allow to cool to room temperature.

If you find that the pasta is burning, add a little bit of olive oil. This helps preserve the chicken’s natural flavor. Also, it makes for a better taste to mix the chicken with the pasta while it’s cooking. You can also serve it with leftover rice or pasta if you wish.

For those who enjoy a bit more flavor in their meals, you can always try to add in a few ingredients. First, remember to season your Marsala sauce appropriately; choose a sweet marinara sauce if you prefer. You can also substitute a little balsamic vinegar for the tomato sauce if you don’t have it.

If you are feeling inspired to learn how to make classic chicken Marsala at home, or you simply want to try something different than what is served at restaurants, why not try to make Chicken Marsala? It is not only delicious and easy to make, but it is also quite nutritious as well!

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