How exceptional leaders retain talent

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Here are some of the most pivotal components that help strong leaders retain top talent. One of the primary root causes of hindering retention is failing to provide employees with development and advancement opportunities. Moreover, not acknowledging an employee’s special strengths and skills beyond a task description, and how that equates to high efficiency, can definitely erode engagement.

The very best leaders should have a good understanding of the employees’ strengths and should leverage those strengths. Strong leaders take the time to get to know their employees, and to act genuinely. A genuine approach drives engagement.

Employees whose supervisors hold routine conferences with them are more engaged compared to employees whose supervisors do not hold routine conferences with them. Another way strong leaders retain talent is by being transparent and communicative, and not hoarding information. Being transparent with employees helps build trust, which drives engagement and retention.

Strong leaders also drive retention by avoiding micro-managing employees. These leaders empower employees and support their independent decision making. Lastly, strong leaders drive retention by actively listening to their teams. Active listening means that the leader gives an employee undivided attention and does not multi-task during the conversation. The leader is focused on what the employee is communicating and does not interrupt the employee. Active listening is a huge driver of engagement.

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