Comparing cryptocurrencies

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The “Cryptocurrency Ecosphere” has been dedicated to open-source development over the past few years and as a result, there are literally dozens of alternative currencies to develop on top of the popular currencies. Next, many existing cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin make it easy to make applications on top of its distributed ledger.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is another currency that gained in popularity. Dogecoin allows for an easier, faster transaction while still providing the user with a low transaction fee.

Another major Cryptocurrency which has exploded in popularity recently is Ethereum. This Cryptocurrency uses a unique scripting system. This feature is the main reason why this Cryptocurrency is called Ethereum.

Ethereum uses an “Ethereum” Script Language that allows its developers to program the system without having to learn any programming languages. This feature is what makes Ethereum such a unique and intriguing choice of a Cryptocurrency to develop.

Ethereum also has a unique scripting language that allows for very advanced features such as multiple signature transactions and instant confirmations. Furthermore, this scripting language is also what makes Ethereum one of the easiest Cryptocurrencies to use and build upon.

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