Operations Manager


Responsible for the oversight and strategy of overall service level. Act as the highest source of information for all service and work process matters (for both employees and customers). Responsibilities include but is not limited to the following details. Much of the results will be delivered through direct reports:

  • Analyze data and supply Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)
  • Create operational documents for workflow processes, and training and onboarding
  • Oversight of maintenance (preventative and proactive vs. reactionary) and creation of strategic KPIs
  • Create payroll budgets and forecasting for hiring needs each quarter
  • Monitor employee work and provide frequent progress reports in order to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency
  • Follow and abide by all industry standards, regulations, and laws
  • Help train and create training for new employees regarding company procedures, including safety and work processes
  • Stay up to date on industry standards and any new innovations, materials, tools and/or processes that can benefit the company

Qualifications, Skills, Competencies and Education Desired:

  • BA or MBA
  • At least 5 to 7 years’ experience leading operations and responsible for results of multi-location operations and team development
  • Confident presenter (both formally and informally)
  • Possess excellent business understanding and awareness
  • Self-disciplined with experience in motivating others & experience in creating and streamlining successful processes
  • Ability to be extremely focused on your prime objectives and creative in order to achieve objectives and goals/quotas
  • Excellent at navigating ambiguity
  • Thrives on changing priorities and bringing order to chaos
  • Entrepreneurial spirit required
  • Knowledge of a CRM/Customer Relations Management System and Microsoft Applications
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